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Woohoo!  Thrifty Thursday is on time this week!!

I’m going to start out with e.l.f.  Right now, they are offering free shipping on orders over $25.  That saves you $6.95.  OR you can get buy one get one free.  You can’t use both offers, but if you shop their “Best Sellers” category, you can utilize buy one get one free.

For 48 hours, you can get Coastal Scents’ smokey eye palette.  They are still offering free shipping on orders over $50.  You can also get a mesmerizing eyes collection for 45% off.  They also have their eye, face and lip palettes on sale right now.

BH Cosmetics is running a Labor Day sale.  They have 11 palettes on sale for $11 each.  You can also get the 4th edition 120 palette for $15.

Urban Decay has a glide on pencil set on sale for $59.  That sounds like a lot but these pencils are awesome and you get 8 different shades in the set.  You can also check out their sale section for some awesome mark downs.

As always, Ulta has several sales right on their main page.  Skin care is buy one get one 50% off.  You can also get 20% off your order and 3 deluxe samples.  Make sure you sign up for an Ulta card because they send out mailers all the time.  This week’s has a coupon for $3.50 off $10 plus 2X beauty points.  The beauty points add up to discounts.  I’ve gotten up to $4 off before.

As usual, CVS and Walgreens have select beauty products on sale buy one get one 50% off.

Sally Beauty and Sephora both have a ton of stuff in their clearance sections.

Let me know what deals you find!  This is what I have for right now.  I hope its helpful and happy shopping!



Ok.  I’m finally at home after working, going to the gym and doing homework and I have a moment to breathe.  So here I am with Watch it Wednesday.

It’s almost September.  Labor Day is next week so that means school is about to start.  For those of you like me who are in college, school has already started.  I take my classes online so I don’t have to worry about getting ready and going to school, but many of you may be attending classes in person.  So I’m going to share three videos that were created for back to school.  These are still nice videos for work or whatever you may be doing during the day, so don’t click away if you’re not in school!

Here is MakeupByTiffanyB with a back to school/work look.  She is using mostly drug store products so this is also an inexpensive look.

Here is MichellePhan with a nail and makeup tutorial.  She talks a lot but these are good tips.  Some of you might enjoy the shout out to the glam bag when she’s using the serum and moisturizer.

Lastly, I have Leesha from xSparkage.  One of the things I love about her is that she does things differently.  Everyone is doing back to school tutorials and looks.  Instead of jumping on board and doing that, she did a tips and tricks video.  She shares some awesome tips about how to look fresh and awake even if you’re not really a morning person.  Her hair is also awesome right now!

I hope these are helpful!  I’ll do some nail looks for Watch it Wednesday next week.   Keep letting me know what you want to see and I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I’m going to post Thrifty Thursday right now then I will be back in a couple of days with my weekend looks.


I PROMISE I will do a Watch it Wednesday and a Thrifty Thursday when I get home today! In the meantime, I have a nail look for you.

I’m changing these tonight but I snapped a pic a few days ago when I did them. I used a pink stripper to make a French tip line then I used my Funky Fingers glittery hot pink to fill in the tip. I did a line of silver glitter underneath the tip then covered everything with one coat of a Sally Hansen shear glitter. Finished with a Sally Hansen top coat. I love the way this turned out. I have gotten used to creating a tip free hand with a stripper but you could also use tip guides or scotch tape. Hope you enjoy!


I have 3 looks for you from this weekend. I actually had a life on Thursday and got to go out. Just to see my brother’s band but it counts!

For the first look, I used my acid palette and my Crown Brush special edition palette. This look is all about blending the pink and orange so that there isn’t a harsh line. I did dark purples in the crease. The pink, orange and yellow are from the acid palette. I used my Cover Girl foundation and finished off with Avon eye liner and falsies mascara. I used a pink and a yellow Mirabella liner. It’s similar to a NYX pencil.

For the second look I used my BH 88 palette. I just did a simple natural look. Same base and finish as above. I used the NYX pencil in milk on my lids.

The last look is using my Naked palette for the top lids and a purple from the BH palette on the bottom. Same foundation, mascara and eye liner.

I hope you enjoy these! Don’t forget to keep telling me what you’d like to see! I need suggestions. Haha!









I know I’ve skipped Watch It Wednesday and there’s a reason! I am now being monitored on my work computer. Big brother is tracking what websites I go to so I can’t post blogs from work any more. LOL! I will be posting a late Watch It Wednesday when I get home as well as a Thrifty Thursday if I can find any good deals. In the meantime, I wanted to share the look I’m wearing right now.

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about the foundation I’ve been using but I kind of love it. It’s Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers. It’s light weight and doesn’t make your face feel oily but it’s also full coverage. So for this look, I’m wearing this foundation. I used Urban Decay primer on my lids along with my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. All the eye shadow colors I used are from my BH 88 original palette. I started with a gold color on the lids, then went into the crease with a super dark brown. Almost black but not quite. I blended that out with a lighter gold then blended that with a flesh tone color. I used a beige color as a brow high light and white at the tear duct. Along the bottom I just blended the dark brown, light gold and white. I used Avon black eye liner and my Falsies mascara. I finished it off with PF cheek high lighter and some lip gloss.

I hope you enjoy this look!!




I have 2 looks to share. The first is a sort of natural look. I used my 88 palette for the eye shadow. I realized that I had never used my new NYX green eye liner, so I lined the top and bottom lash lines with it. I used Urban Decay primer, NYX milk jumbo pencil, Avon eye liner and Falsies mascara.

For my second look, I also used an 88 palette. I did purple on the outer half and pink on the inner half of the lids. I wanted some extra color so I did teal on the bottom. I also used the Urban Decay primer, NYX milk jumbo pencil, Avon eye liner and falsies mascara.

I hope you enjoy these!









My nails are super short right now because they all broke. So I just have something simple on them right now. I started with 2 coats of Funky Fingers hot pink. Then I did one cost of Funky Fingers black crackle. I topped it off with one coat of shear glitter and one coat of a top coat. Hope you enjoy!


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