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Ok I haven’t posted since last week and I know the last thing I posted was nails, but I broke a nail so I had to cut them all and redo them. I have a ton of weekend looks from last weekend and this weekend that I will hopefully get to post tomorrow. In the meantime, heres my nails.

I started with a pinkish purplish pearl color by Funky Fingers. I did 2 coats. I saw on a YouTube video that you can make an easy zebra print just by alternating Y shapes so i tried it out. I think it came out looking pretty good. I finished it up with a clear top coat. I hope you enjoy!



Well I had an awful experience with gel nails. I went to a salon and got them done. About 2 days later they started peeling off. Gel is supposed to last 2 weeks or more. When I went back to the salon, they wouldn’t give me my money back so I just had them redone. Guess what happened? The same thing. 2 days later they started peeling off. So I just gave up and peeled them all off and did them myself. So much happier with this outcome. Haha!

I used a black striper to create a guide line for the tip. This is easy to do if you keep your hand holding the nail polish still and just rotate the finger you’re painting. You want to follow the natural white part of your nail. I filled it in with black polish. Then I went back with 2 coats of a green striper for the line underneath. Again, this is easy to do if you keep the hand holding the nail polish still and just rotate the finger you’re painting. I finished up with a glitter top coat. I LOVE this manicure! I hope you enjoy!


I PROMISE I will do a Watch it Wednesday and a Thrifty Thursday when I get home today! In the meantime, I have a nail look for you.

I’m changing these tonight but I snapped a pic a few days ago when I did them. I used a pink stripper to make a French tip line then I used my Funky Fingers glittery hot pink to fill in the tip. I did a line of silver glitter underneath the tip then covered everything with one coat of a Sally Hansen shear glitter. Finished with a Sally Hansen top coat. I love the way this turned out. I have gotten used to creating a tip free hand with a stripper but you could also use tip guides or scotch tape. Hope you enjoy!


My nails are super short right now because they all broke. So I just have something simple on them right now. I started with 2 coats of Funky Fingers hot pink. Then I did one cost of Funky Fingers black crackle. I topped it off with one coat of shear glitter and one coat of a top coat. Hope you enjoy!


Ok first of all, Adrianne was the only person who commented so she’s the winner! I’ll get with you soon to get you your freebies. I’m taking a week off to figure out how to make this giveaway better and get more people involved.

In the meantime, I wanted to quickly post what my nails look like right now. I used a purple shimmery color on the tip then painted a line of glitter underneath. Oh I did use a clear base coat. Then I finished it up with 2 coats of clear top coat. Hope you enjoy!!


Just want to quickly post the nails I just did. I did a white tip on each nail then under the tip I did a thin orange line. I usually do black but I wanted to keep it bright and summery. Hope you enjoy!


I did a lot today so I wanted to share. I did some practice on the pinup style this morning. With this look, I used my normal face stuff and my normal mascara. All the colors are from my e.l.f. palette. I used some darker colors at the crease and a lighter color on the lids. BH Cosmetics gel liner is what got the wing looking good, with some black eye shadow over it. I didn’t do a bold red lip because I had to go to work today.

E.l.f. was offering $5 the other day, so I placed an order. For once I didn’t really get makeup. I got some “accessories” that I needed. It came today so I thought I’d share. I got brush shampoo, mist and set spray, a makeup remover pen, clear brow setter, zit zapping concealer pen and regular concealer.

For my nails, I used a red glitter to make a triangle tip. On my ring fingers, I outlined the triangle with gold rhinestones then I set everything with a couple coats of clear top coat. I hope you all enjoy!





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