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A few weeks ago, Hautelook had a NYX sale. Of course I couldn’t resist. I got 2 palettes and an eye liner set. I got the Spring Fling palette and the Smokey Eye collection palette. So far I love both palettes. I’ve only used the black liner but that’s awesome. Here are pics for your viewing pleasure.







Just wanted to quickly share my May glam bag with everyone. I have LOVED this subscription so far. This month’s bag is super cute. It’s blue with pink lips all over it. It came with 2 more my glam brushes, a Studio Gear full size lipstick (not too fond of the color I got), a sample of Love Sweet Love perfume by Philosophy and some Miss Beauty stick on nail bling. I love the perfume. I’ve loved all of the my glam brushes I’ve gotten in my bags. I’ll try the nail bling soon. This has been the first time I haven’t been happy with something I got. The lipstick color I got is a tan color and doesn’t look good on me. But I don’t mind. I’ll just add it to my collection.

I do want to share with you all that I will be MIA for the next couple of weeks. We just bought a house! We closed on it yesterday. So we will be painting and pulling up carpet then moving. All while working full time and keeping up with school work. I’ll give you all an update once we move in. I also want to let you all know that Hautelook has some good stuff. Right now they have The Balm and e.l.f. on there and starting Friday, Crown Brush will be back! See you all in a couple weeks!







A couple of weeks ago, Hautelook had Mirabella cosmetics on sale. I’ve never tried them before so I went ahead and ordered a palette and some liner pencils. I just wanted to quickly show them to you. Here they are!





I did a lot today so I wanted to share. I did some practice on the pinup style this morning. With this look, I used my normal face stuff and my normal mascara. All the colors are from my e.l.f. palette. I used some darker colors at the crease and a lighter color on the lids. BH Cosmetics gel liner is what got the wing looking good, with some black eye shadow over it. I didn’t do a bold red lip because I had to go to work today.

E.l.f. was offering $5 the other day, so I placed an order. For once I didn’t really get makeup. I got some “accessories” that I needed. It came today so I thought I’d share. I got brush shampoo, mist and set spray, a makeup remover pen, clear brow setter, zit zapping concealer pen and regular concealer.

For my nails, I used a red glitter to make a triangle tip. On my ring fingers, I outlined the triangle with gold rhinestones then I set everything with a couple coats of clear top coat. I hope you all enjoy!





I went on eBay a few weeks ago to order my Acid palette and I decided to look for nail tools. I found a pack of 5 double ended dotting tools and a case of like 3,000 rhinestones for $1.98 each. Free shipping too! I was soooo excited. The rhinestone case is awesome. I decided to play. I’ve seen a lot of people doing looks like this so I thought I’d jump on board. I did a black tip on all of my nails accept my ring fingers. On those nails I alternated pink and black rhinestones. I painted the nails a pearl color before using a top coat to make the rhinestones stick. The dotting tools came in handy for this because I used them to pick up the stones and press them down. Once everything dried, I sealed it in with 2 coats of a clear top coat. Hope you enjoy!



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