MA- Makeup Lovers Anonymous

About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah and I am addicted to makeup.  I love trying new products and playing around with colors.  My makeup collection is my prized possession right now and I’m always trying to expand it.  Other than this blog, I work full-time in an office and I love it.  I am also a volunteer youth leader at my church.  My passion for makeup is trumped only by my passion for God and for serving him through leading my youth group.  I am currently also in school full-time completing a BA in Religion so that I can one day be a full-time youth leader.  In my personal life, I love hanging out with my manfriend (I absolutely hate saying “boyfriend” because it makes me feel like I’m in middle school).  We dated when we were kids (if you can call it dating then) and reconnected about a year and a half ago.  We never lost our puppy love spark and now live together and plan to spend the rest of our lives together.  We live in a tiny apartment with 2 cats and 2 ferrets.  My cats are my children.  I’ve had Roxanne for about 8 years and Jasper for about 4.  The ferrets are the new additions and don’t even really have names yet.  We just call them squirrely and Meanie because that describes them great.  I love music and going to live shows.  I also love food and finding new recipes and new places to eat.  I hope you enjoy following my blog!


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