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Posted on: September 6, 2012

Ok loves. Once again I forgot Watch it Wednesday. 😦 BUT I set alarms in my phone to remind me to do Watch it Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday at 6:30 each week. I should be home by then. I promise I will do them both when I get home this evening. I took a picture to prove I set alarms. Haha!

In the meantime, I have an eye shadow look for you. I actually got up and did my makeup today. I used my Aqua Smoothers foundation this time because I needed a little more coverage. A moon erupted on my chin last night! I also used e.l.f. concealer to cover blemishes. For eye shadow bases I used Urban Decay primer and my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. All the eye shadow colors are from my BH 88 palette. I used yellow on the inner third and purple on the outer 2/3. You have to be careful with the yellow because the other colors can take it over. I went into the crease with a darker purple and blended that up with a light silver. On the brow bone I used a cream color. In the inner corner I used white. Along the bottom lash-line I smudged the same dark purple and used a tiny bit of yellow to brighten up the inner eye area. I finished with my Avon black eye liner and falsies mascara. On my cheeks I just have some PF highlighter.

I hope you enjoy this look and I promise I will have Watch it Wednesday and Thrifty Thursday up tonight! Please keep sending me ideas too! Have a great Thursday!






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