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Shimmery Natural

Posted on: August 23, 2012

I know I’ve skipped Watch It Wednesday and there’s a reason! I am now being monitored on my work computer. Big brother is tracking what websites I go to so I can’t post blogs from work any more. LOL! I will be posting a late Watch It Wednesday when I get home as well as a Thrifty Thursday if I can find any good deals. In the meantime, I wanted to share the look I’m wearing right now.

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged about the foundation I’ve been using but I kind of love it. It’s Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers. It’s light weight and doesn’t make your face feel oily but it’s also full coverage. So for this look, I’m wearing this foundation. I used Urban Decay primer on my lids along with my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. All the eye shadow colors I used are from my BH 88 original palette. I started with a gold color on the lids, then went into the crease with a super dark brown. Almost black but not quite. I blended that out with a lighter gold then blended that with a flesh tone color. I used a beige color as a brow high light and white at the tear duct. Along the bottom I just blended the dark brown, light gold and white. I used Avon black eye liner and my Falsies mascara. I finished it off with PF cheek high lighter and some lip gloss.

I hope you enjoy this look!!





2 Responses to "Shimmery Natural"

I love this shimmery look! But I do have one question. I’m sure you have probably tried alot of different foundations to find ones that work for you, but it seems like no matter what foundation I use I get the exact same result: cakey/flakey-ness on my forehead and nose! I have tried applying different moisturizers and lotions (and letting them settle in for a bit) before using foundation but nothing seems to work. I have bought so many different foundations, even falling for the Bare Minerals infomercial at two in the morning. I really need the full coverage that foundation provides because of some unfortunate discoloration but given the coice between discoloration and looking like Goldmember I choose the discoloration. 🙂 Any recommendations? Should I try the Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers you mentioned for this look?

I personally love the Cover Girl Aqua Smoothers. Everyone’s skin is different though. My skin gets super oily. I use a gel moisturizer and an oil free matifier before putting on foundation. It’s really just about trying different things until you find what works. Good luck!

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