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Weekend Looks

Posted on: June 15, 2012

Here’s the looks I did this weekend. For the blue/green eyes, I used my Acid Palette for the green and darker blue. The lighter blue in the tear ducts and inner part of the lids is from my new NYX Spring Fling palette. The crease and highlight colors were also from the NYX palette. To blend the lid colors, you just use one color on one side of a flat eye shadow brush and the other color on the other side then alternate blending them at the “seam”. I used the black NYX eye liner for this look. I used falsies mascara. For blush and bronzer I used the ones that are in the NYX palette and PF highlighter.

For the neutral look, I used the NYX Smokey Eye collection palette. I love this palette. It has so many colors to do an awesome smokey eye. I kept it simple here. I also used the black NYX eye liner and the falsies mascara. Since I was keeping it neutral, I only used PF highlighter on my cheeks. Hope you enjoy!






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