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My First Ever- Eat This, Not That

Posted on: May 3, 2012

As many of you know, I had my gallbladder removed in March. I suffered from severe abdominal pain for about 10 years and no one could tell me anything. I finally went to the ER in March and they said I had gall stones. After my surgery, it took me a couple weeks to figure out what I can and cannot eat but I started to notice I was losing weight. I cut soda out of my diet and started only drinking water. I also switched to eating whole wheat. I wanted to keep my fellow makeup addicts in the loop with my weight loss. So here is my first post. In order to be beautiful on the outside, you have to be happy and beautiful on the inside. I have never really been happy with my outer appearance. I’ve always been big. Before my surgery I weighed about 207. My surgery was on March 16. Today I weigh 191. So that’s over 15 pounds. I know that you’re thinking it’s because of my surgery, but the changes I’ve made can apply to anyone. This post will be two fold; I want to share some of my tips and I also want to share what I’m having for dinner tonight.

One of the biggest things I’ve done is start counting my calories. This may not be the best thing for everyone, but for me I find that it has helped me make better choices regarding what I eat and how much I eat. I do this easily with the app. You can download the app for your smart phone or you can track your calories on their website.

Being active also helps. I joined a gym and I also got a treadmill from my BFF and some small work out equipment from Five Below. I have no excuse because I have a gym membership and I also have stuff at home.

PORTION SIZE is major. If you’re like me, you like to eat. The Fitness Pal app has helped me to come up with ways to eat delicious food and a lot of it but still be healthy.

I also have started adding veggies to certain things. Like when I make ground turkey for tacos (you’ll see further down) I add in things like peppers, corn, carrots, celery and onion. Fruits and veggies are crucial to a good diet, so I find adding veggies to things helps get those extra servings in.

As I already mentioned, I stopped drinking soda and switched to only drinking water. Now, juice is good if you find ones that are healthy so I’m not saying never drink anything flavored, but for me juice is too sweet and too tart so I just drink water.

Like I said earlier, I switched to whole wheat. My burger buns, my sandwich bread, my bagels, my tortillas, they’re all whole wheat now. I also have sort of switched to brown rice. I say sort of because I still like sushi with white rice.

I have also started getting low fat and “lite” for things like salad dressing, sour cream, butter, etc.

I think that’s pretty much all the tips I have. So let’s get to the food! If you are anything like me, taco bell is your weakness. Mexican food in general really. So tonight I made tacos! I use ground turkey instead of beef. For these tacos, I cut up some green peppers and onions and sautéed them with some corn before I added the turkey. Once the turkey browned up and everything meshed together, I added in half a pack of taco seasoning and some water and let it simmer. For the tortillas, I use a whole wheat high fiber tortilla that only has 80 calories. I used about 2 tablespoons of taco meat, then added some bagged salad because it has some veggies in it, then I used Mexican blend cheese, salsa and lite sour cream. Another thing I suggest is to read the nutrition facts on the back. The cheese I got has 90 calories per 1/4 cup. I didn’t use anywhere near a quarter cup. Just because that’s the suggested serving size doesn’t mean you have to use that much. On the side I had a salad with McCormick salad toppers and fat free ranch. These tacos were just as good as any Mexican place or Taco Bell. One taco is under 300 (288 to be exact). I got the idea for doing eat this not that from both Hungry Girl and from Natalie Carona on YouTube. I hope you find this post helpful!









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