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So I know that pretty much all my followers are women so that title probably didn’t get you excited, but it got you to look! Haha. Anyway. I posted my rhinestone nails yesterday but this morning when I got up, I had the urge to match my eye shadow to my nails. I asked a friend of mine if that was normal and his response was “if you’re a stripper or hooker, yeah”. Despite his philosophy, I matched my eye makeup anyway. I used my Almay foundation, Too Faced shadow insurance primer and NYX jumbo pencils in slate and milk. All the eye shadow colors are from one of my 88 palettes. I used gel liner from BH cosmetics, Falsies mascara, Physician’s Formula blush and bronzer and Physician’s Formula highlighter. I was also told by a friend that my makeup looked airbrushed. What a compliment! Blending is the key for that type of look. I use several different fluffy brushes to blend out harsh edges. I hope you enjoy this look! I also would like some feed back. I’ve been trying to eat healthy and work out so I was wondering if you’d like to see some recipes and tips along those lines too. Beauty comes from within and having a healthy body is key. What do you think? Leave me some love!








I have a ton of looks to post but I wanted to quickly post this one. I used my NYX Runway Eyes palette for a neutral lid. On the bottom lashline, I used my Urban Decay 24/7 pencil on the inner half and my Sephora jumbo pencil on the outer half. Hope you enjoy!

Also, let me know if you think I should try to do video tutorials.





I went on eBay a few weeks ago to order my Acid palette and I decided to look for nail tools. I found a pack of 5 double ended dotting tools and a case of like 3,000 rhinestones for $1.98 each. Free shipping too! I was soooo excited. The rhinestone case is awesome. I decided to play. I’ve seen a lot of people doing looks like this so I thought I’d jump on board. I did a black tip on all of my nails accept my ring fingers. On those nails I alternated pink and black rhinestones. I painted the nails a pearl color before using a top coat to make the rhinestones stick. The dotting tools came in handy for this because I used them to pick up the stones and press them down. Once everything dried, I sealed it in with 2 coats of a clear top coat. Hope you enjoy!




Posted on: April 21, 2012

Even though I’ve been M.I.A. for a while, I still can’t help myself when it comes to getting good deals on makeup.  Here are the makeup products I’ve purchased recently.

First is one of my e.l.f. hauls.  I ordered some makeup brushes.  I got a blush brush, an angled eye liner brush and another eyeshadow “C” brush.  I LOVE the e.l.f. “C” brush.  It is awesome for applying makeup.  I also ordered two empty palettes, four eye shadows and four face colors to fill them.  Then I got one single eye shadow.  Just some random stuff.  I LOVE the face brush for my blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Hautelook had Lorac on sale a couple of weeks ago, so I ordered a color CD and a lip gloss.

I’ve heard awesome things about Too Faced’s glitter glue and I’ve used their eye lid primer before, so I wanted to check the glue out.  I went to Sephora to look for the glue and of course I couldn’t just buy one thing.  So here I have the glitter glue, a Toki Doki palette and a blue Sephora brand jumbo pencil.  This jumbo pencil is awesome.  I use it a lot as an eye shadow base.

I placed an order with Ulta because they had some things on sale and they were also sending out free gifts.  I purchased a cheek color, an eye color and a nail polish.  The free gift was the makeup bag shown here.  The second picture is everything that came in the makeup bag for free.  There were two eye shadow palettes, a set of brushes, a mascara, two double ended eye liners, a lipstick, a double ended lip gloss and a nail polish.  The package also came with some free samples.



I’m going to take this afternoon to get caught up on some very past due blog posts.  In an attempt to not fill up everyone’s inboxes, I’m going to lump all my pictures into a couple of categories.  These next few posts might be kind of long.

I’m going to start it off with my March and April Glam Bags.  I did a post about my February Glam bag but haven’t been able to post the March and April ones.  Incase you don’t know, MyGlamBag is a monthly subscription that sends a hot pink bubble wrap package full of goodies.  Each month, you get a new makeup bag that’s filled with samples and even some full size products.

Here is the March glam bag:

The theme for this glam bag was Spring time.  I have been so happy with this subscription so far.  I know a lot of people haven’t really liked Birchbox too much.  The glam bag is only $10 a month.  Anyway, the March glam bag came with a MyGlam makeup brush in a pink leather travel brush case, a full size pur-lisse lip treatment, a Keracolor treatment sample and a Dermstore gift card.  I LOVE the lip treatment.  It makes your lips feel completely silky and soft.  I also love this makeup brush.  It is great for blending.  I’ve already used the brush case when traveling for work.

Here is the April bag:

This has by far been my favorite of the three bags I’ve gotten.  The theme for this month was Girl’s Night Out.  The makeup bag is a gorgeous metallic pink.  It came with two more MyGlam brushes; an angled brush and a small flat brush.  The small flat brush is AWESOME.  It’s great for your tear duct hight light.  I haven’t tried the angled brush yet, but the small flat brush and the fluffy brush I got last time are awesome.  This bag also came with a sample size Urban Decay 24/7 pencil.  I’ve swatched that here.  The only thing I don’t like about this particular pencil is that it doesn’t show up too well on the water line.  It’s good for the lash line though.  I also got some false lashes and a Dermstore sample lip treatment.  The lip treatment is awesome.  It has a little shimmer to it and feels so awesome and silky.  The full size Urban Decay pencil is pretty pricey, so to get such a good size sample in this bag is awesome.  Totally worth the $10.

This is the only monthly makeup subscription I’ve tried, so I can’t speak for any others, but I can say that I am so glad I signed up for MyGlam.  It has been well worth the money so far.  I hope you enjoy this post!

I know I’ve been promising to get caught up on my posts but I have been swamped this week. I just got done taking a FOUR hour online first homebuyer’s class and I’m ready for bed. I promise I will put up some past due makeup posts soon! In the meantime, here is a spring time nail look. I used a pale yellow as a base then did a different color tip on each nail. You could use any colors you want. I used green, blue, purple, hot pink and orange. Finished off with a top coat. I love this! Hope you enjoy!


I have a bunch of other hauls and looks to post but I wanted to show what I just got today. I ordered some stuff from Coastal Scents and got some stuff from Ulta. From Coastal Scents I got 12 hot pots and a magnetic palette, a concealer brush, and a foundation brush. They sent me a real cute bumper sticker that will most definitely end up on my car and they also sent a little sample of mineral eye shadow. From Ulta I got 3 NYX jumbo eye pencils, an eye liner brush, a sharpener and a blush/bronzer duo that came with a lipgloss by Physician’s Formula. The jumbo pencils are in baby blue, purple velvet and horse raddish. Can’t wait to try everything out!



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