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Removing Glitter Nail Polish

Posted on: February 7, 2012

I’m sure most of you have already seen this method but I had to do it tonight to remove my nail polish so I figured I’d take pics and post a blog about it. You’ll need nail polish remover, cotton balls, and foil squares. You take a cotton ball and soak it in remover then place it on the nail. Then you wrap a foil square around your finger to hold the cotton ball in place. Let it sit for about five minutes. Yes, you’ll look like you have alien hands but it is worth it. After five minutes, rub the foul back and forth a couple of times then pull it off. The nail polish will be gone. Make sure you have the right remover. I accidentally got nail polish remover for acrylic nails so my fingers started to burn and I couldn’t leave them on long enough. This method has worked every time I’ve tried it. I hope this is helpful!








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