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Watch It Wednesday- Hair

Posted on: January 25, 2012

A friend of mine recently mentioned that it would be nice to see some hair tutorials as well as makeup and nails.  We all know that when you’re going out, your hair is just as important as your makeup.  I thought for this week since its sort of in between and not yet Valentine’s Day, I’d go ahead and put up some cute hair tutorials to try.

The first one is by ItsJudyTime and its a really cute look inspired by Pretty Little Liars.  Her hair is pretty long.

I am so envious of people who can do awesome things with their hair and have it hold.  My hair is straight and flat and holds nothing.  I usually just straighten it and leave it.  I tried to do some pin-up hair styles before and they didn’t turn out great.  One of my best friends is really good at doing pin-up hair.  Here is CherryDollface with a pin-up inspired look.  Her hair is amazing and I LOVE the styles she does.  This would never hold on my hair, but some of you might be able to pull it off!  She is showing you makeup and hair for a vintage bombshell look.  If you want to skip to the hair, it starts at about 9 minutes in.  She also has a victory roll tutorial that is pretty cool.

Now, I have super straight hair that doesn’t do much.  I haven’t really tried blow drying with a round brush, but everyone tells me that’s how you get volume.  Here is LuxyHair showing us how to use a round brush to create volume.  She talks a lot in this video and right at the beginning, so you may want to fast forward to about 3:50.  She also has a bunch of hair videos on Youtube, so be sure to check it out.

I hope these are helpful.  Let me know how you get fabulous hair!



1 Response to "Watch It Wednesday- Hair"

My hair is straight too…but I love the pin-up hair style you posted. I was at regency not too long ago, one of th kiosks was selling this amazing hair straightener with floating plates that used steam instead of heat to straighten your hair…It also CURLED hair…which made me super happy, because I can’t use a curling iron to get my hair to hold a curl. Check them out. You can curl your haair and it will hold the curl until you wash or straighten it. BEST STRAIGHTENER/CURLER EVER! Thanks for postin some hair tutorials 🙂 ❤

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