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Olay Professional ProX

Posted on: January 8, 2012

For my first product review, I’m going to talk about something I’ve fallen in love with. My sister gave me the Olay Professional ProX for Christmas. I really wanted to try something like this, so I was so excited when I opened my present! This system is designed to give you a deep clean, open your skin up for super moisturizing and work on anti-aging. For normal to dry skin, it’s only recommended to be used two to three times a week. For oily skin, you can use it up to five times a week. I have super oily skin that breaks out a lot. I especially get break outs when Aunt Flow is visiting. Anyway, with this system, you simply remove all your makeup, wet your face, rub the exfoliant on your face, wet the brush and rub it around your face then rinse your face The machine does the work for you. I read on a blog that when you first start using it, you should use it every day for a week, then get on a rotation based on your skin type. I’m oily, so I will use it five times a week. I have used it every day for the past week and I love it. In the evenings, I just use my Nuetragena makeup remover wipes, then use the ProX system. It’s very important to moisturize when using the system. Moisturizer usually makes my face break out, so I use a very small amount after using the system. I also use my e.l.f. zit zapper after brushing to get rid of blemishes. I LOVE the way my face feels after I rinse it off. I can already see the difference in my skin. It has less blemishes and looks fresh and soft. It feels amazing. The only thing I’d like is if the bottle of exfoliant that comes with it was a little bigger. All in all, I would definitely recommend this system, especially to those with oily skin like me. The instructions say not to use it close to your eyes, but since the system has a slow speed and a high speed, I close my eyes and use the slow speed on my lids. It makes my eye lids so smooth and soft. I just really love this system. Big thanks to my sister for getting it for me! Let me know if you have tried this or a similar system and how you liked it. I hope you enjoy my review!








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