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Watch It Wednesday- New year, new you!

Posted on: January 5, 2012

Well, its 2012!  Another year down the tube.  I make a resolution every year and last year was the only year I stuck to it.  I quit smoking last year and I’m so happy for it!  This year, since I did so well with my resolution last year, I decided to try again.  The same old one we all make every year; to get in shape and lose weight.  I’m determined to keep my resolution this year.  I also decided to set some goals for myself.  This year, I’m setting goals to stay more organized, devote more time to school work, keep my apartment clean and spend as much time with family and friends as possible.  With all this being said, I decided that this week’s Watch it Wednesday will be devoted to sharing how my favorite beauty bloggers stay fit, healthy and happy.  A lot of them have posted videos and blogs about what they eat and their daily routines. 

MakeUpGeekTV is one of my favorite channels on Youtube.  She recently posted her top 10 snacks to lose weight.  She shows us what each one is and how to make it if needed.  She even shares a couple of ideas that she doesn’t personally like, but that she knows helps people lose weight.  Here’s her video:

KandeeJohnson is another one of my favorite Youtube channels.  She is all around bubbly and fun.  All of her videos are very happy and inspirational.  She does a New Year video each year.  This year, her video is awesome.  She doesn’t just focus on New Year’s resolutions, but on all around being happy and positive.  She is so amazing.  Here is her video:

The last video is from someone I just subscribed to tonight, NikkiPhillippi.  It’s actually her New Year’s video from last year, but it has useful and helpful tips in it that carry over to any time.  She is an everything blogger, so it’s not just beauty.  She is sharing her 5 tips to a better year.  Here is her video:

For me, this is a time in my life where I am really starting to focus on bettering myself.  I’m back in school, trying to eat better, trying to connect more with my spiritual side and just all around trying to be more positive.  My friend, Jessica, sent me the South Beach Diet Supercharged book, so I have been reading through that and am going to start working on eating that way.  I don’t really have any tips from me to you because I haven’t really ever stuck to a resolution.  If you’re a smoker and you want to quit, I suggest making sure you are in a stable place emotionally.  I could never quit while I worked in restaurants because I was always stressed and was always surrounded by people who smoked.  Unfortunately, it is a lot easier to quit when you’re not surrounded by people who smoke, so if your friends smoke, you may need to distance yourself at least until you get the cravings under control.  The thing that got me was going to the website of the company that sold the kind I smoked and looking up the ingredients in them and then googling what the ingredients were.  Once you really see first hand what you are putting in to your body, it will change the way you think.  Those are my tips for quitting smoking.  I have been reading and doing research on successful ways to lose weight and it really all comes down to eating better and not living a sedentary life.  You have to get up and move around.  Take your dog for a walk, call a friend and ask them to go to the park with you or plug in your iPod and take a bike ride.  You will feel better when you get back.  If you’re a video gamer like me, get a fitness game that forces you to get off the couch and move around.  Changing the way you eat is super important.  Try to eat more fresh fruits and veggies and less starchy, fatty foods.  Take this time to make it a life style change.  Once you get into the swing of it, it will become more easy and will eventually become habit.  Remember that you are loved even when you’re not at your best.  Try to begin and end each day with a smile.  I wish you all luck this year and I hope you have enjoyed this week’s Watch It Wednesday.  Lets discuss what everyone’s resolutions are in the comments and support each other there!  I’d love to hear!


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