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My boss went on a cruise last week and whenever she goes, she brings me back something. This time she got me a nail polish. This nail polish is by Del Sol. The color is called Foxy. It starts out as this pretty pink color but it’s supposed to change to purple when in the sun. I’ll let you know if it changes. Even if it doesn’t. I still like the color. It has some glitter in it too. It took a few coats to get it opaque. I’ll keep you posted on the color change!



I just wanted to quickly share what finally came in the mail. I mentioned this a couple weeks ago on Thrifty Thursday. It is loose glitter from Sephora. I couldn’t find on their website how much this retails for but on No More Rack, it was $5. I got a purple one and it looks awesome! I can’t wait to try it out!



I didn’t like my last manicure so I decided to re-do my nails. I used a sheer yellow as a base. I’ve started doing my white tips free hand. I use a white striper to create a line just at my natural tip. Then I fill that in with white. On this manicure, I used a gold striper to create a line just under the white tip. I finished it off with a clear top coat. I think this turned out better. Sorry for the messy edges in the pic. I usually let that rub off in the shower the next morning, haha! I hope you enjoy this manicure!


A friend of mine recently mentioned that it would be nice to see some hair tutorials as well as makeup and nails.  We all know that when you’re going out, your hair is just as important as your makeup.  I thought for this week since its sort of in between and not yet Valentine’s Day, I’d go ahead and put up some cute hair tutorials to try.

The first one is by ItsJudyTime and its a really cute look inspired by Pretty Little Liars.  Her hair is pretty long.

I am so envious of people who can do awesome things with their hair and have it hold.  My hair is straight and flat and holds nothing.  I usually just straighten it and leave it.  I tried to do some pin-up hair styles before and they didn’t turn out great.  One of my best friends is really good at doing pin-up hair.  Here is CherryDollface with a pin-up inspired look.  Her hair is amazing and I LOVE the styles she does.  This would never hold on my hair, but some of you might be able to pull it off!  She is showing you makeup and hair for a vintage bombshell look.  If you want to skip to the hair, it starts at about 9 minutes in.  She also has a victory roll tutorial that is pretty cool.

Now, I have super straight hair that doesn’t do much.  I haven’t really tried blow drying with a round brush, but everyone tells me that’s how you get volume.  Here is LuxyHair showing us how to use a round brush to create volume.  She talks a lot in this video and right at the beginning, so you may want to fast forward to about 3:50.  She also has a bunch of hair videos on Youtube, so be sure to check it out.

I hope these are helpful.  Let me know how you get fabulous hair!


So here is my take on a pink and white manicure. I’m not sure how I feel about it. I think the pink is too dark. The pink and the white are by Orly and I finished with my OPI top coat. Let me know what you think!


Just wanted to share my current nails. I used my Sally Hanson pearl color as a base coat. Then I used a black striper to create the tip and filled it in with my new black nail polish. Then I took a hot pink striper underneath the tip and created a line. Once that dried, I covered it with my sheer glitter then finished with a clear top coat. Hope you enjoy!


I went to CVS on my way home from work to get some new mascara and I stumbled upon a HUGE makeup sale! As you can see from my pic, the only thing I got that didn’t have a 50 or 75 percent off sticker on it was the mascara. I only spent $25 on this haul so I strongly encourage you to check out CVS. I went to the one on Patterson near Parham. So from left to right, including the final price, here is what I got:
Almay Truly Lasting Color foundation in buff- $3.45
Confetti nail color in Vava Voom- $.49
10 Professional Nail color in The Little Black Dress- $1.17
Rimmel Glam Eyes in Dark Signature-$1.75
Maybeline Falsies Flared mascara in Very Black- not on sale, $7.89
Milano Runway Eyes in Catwalk- $2.37
Wet n Wild Liquid Liner in Plum- $1.49
Wet n Wild Color Icon palette in Greed Gourmandise- $2.49
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips gel liner to enhance Hazel eyes- $2.75

Overall, I saved $39.96! And I got $1 in Extra bucks that you can use like a coupon on your next purchase. This was definitely an exciting trip to CVS for me! I hope this makes up for not posting yesterday. They had a ton of products with 50 and 75 percent off stickers on them. Let me know if you try anything!


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