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It’s finally letting me post some pictures. This look is using the Sonia palette that my sister got me for Christmas. After I applied my foundation, I applied my new Urban Decay Primer Potion. This primer is awesome. It lasted all night and went on super easy. A little goes a long way, so I’m pretty sure the bottle will hold me over for a while. It’s pretty expensive when it’s regular price, but I got mine from a Hautelook deal. Anyway, the Sonia eye shadows are really shimmery. It’s almost like glitter, which I love. They are pretty sheer, so to get more coverage, I got the tip of my brush a little damp before applying. I used the purple wet on the lids. For the crease, I used the tan color wet in the outer V then blended it with a fluffy brush dry to finish the crease. I used the pink dry under the brow bone and in the inner corner. I did enjoy the way the colors turned out once I decided to use it wet. I finished with my BH Cosmetics purple gel liner along the top and bottom lashlines and winged it out a little. Then I used my normal mascara, eye liner and cheek Highlighter. This could go as a NYE look but I’m going to do something with silver glitter that I will post later. I hope you enjoy!







Well, I wanted to post the look I did for tonight using the palette my sister got me for Christmas but I’m having issues with the pictures. I will try to post it tomorrow and should also have my New Year’s Eve look up. I apologize if you’re waiting for a look. I will try to have nails for tomorrow too. Sleep tight makeup lovers!

I did accomplish a couple things while I was sick during my vacation. I was able to get one day of makeup in. I watched my nephews last week and had lunch with my best friend, so of course I had to do up the makeup. In this look, I used my normal foundation, mascara, eye liner and Highlighter. I finally used my custom BH compact and my custom e.l.f. compact. I did bright pink on the lids, some brownish in the crease and green on the bottom lashline. Both palettes were so worth what I paid for them. I’m so happy with the colors I picked for each one. The pigmentation in the BH colors is awesome. They’re bright and vibrant. The e.l.f. colors have just the right amount of shimmer.

The next picture is a nail look I tried. I think it turned out pretty good. I used a shimmery pinkish purple for the tips, then did a white stripe under the tip and finished with a clear top coat. I went to Target last week with my best friend in search of a new top coat. I wanted what they use at the nail salon. Jess recommended I try the O.P.I. top coat so I did and it’s awesome. It goes on easy, dries fast and is thick and strong.

I also have a haul for this week. Hautelook had Urban Decay a few weeks ago, so I got their Primer Potion and two 24/7 eye liners. The eye liners are in “baked” and “dime”. My sister also gave me an eye shadow trio for Christmas. It’s a brand I’ve never heard of or tried called Sonia Kashuk. The trio is in support of breast cancer research so the colors are pink and girlie. They look shimmery so I think I’ll like them.

The pictures are in the order that I talked about them. I hope you enjoy this post and the pictures!









OHHHH my dear makeup lovers.  You probably thought I forgot about you!  Well, I didn’t.  Leave it to me to get super sick during my week off from work.  I have been sick since last Wednesday.  Its going away now, so I thought it would be a good time to get caught up.  I have a few things I will be posting tonight, but I wanted to go ahead and get back on track with Watch It Wednesday.

New Year’s is probably one of my favorite makeup times other than Christmas.  New Year’s Eve ALWAYS means glitter.  You must bring out the glitz and glam on New Year’s.  I will for sure be rocking some silver glitter on New Year’s Eve.

The first video is by nancyvip and it is, of course, silvery glittery eyes.  She is so pretty and this look turned out awesome!

This next video is from pixiwoo.  I love her accent.  haha  Anyhoo, she is showing us a purple glittery look.  She says it’s for green or brown eyes, but I think purple is one of those colors that looks good on everyone.  One of the things I really like about her videos is that she uses a lot of affordable products.  She’s using Avon in this one.

This last video is something I really want to try.  Makeupgeek is showing us how to put in hair tinsel.  I saw Adrienne from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had hair tinsel a few seasons back and I remember thinking it was so cute.  This would be perfect for a New Year’s Eve party.  It adds a subtle sparkle to your hair without looking crazy.  I was trying to see if I could find any at a store since its so close to New Year’s, but I have had no luck.  You can find them on and if you know of anywhere that sells them, let us know!

I hope you enjoy these New Year’s Eve inspired tutorials!  Have a great time and be safe!


I went on a lights trip yesterday and decided to be festive. You’ll probably see this red sweater a lot because it’s the only nice sweater I have. This is pretty similar to the other Christmas look, I just didn’t use glitter and I made the green a little brighter. I used my normal foundation, eye liner, mascara, and Highlighter. All the colors are from my e.l.f. palette. I hope you enjoy!!





First, let me say that I’m so sorry I missed Thrifty Thursday this week. I was so busy at work all week and had finals. I will be on track this week.

On to the makeup. Last week, e.l.f. had there 24K palette for free with a $13 purchase. I couldn’t pass that up so I got some brush shampoo, clear mascara, lipstick, a custom eyes compact and 4 eye colors. With that I got the gold palette for free. I LOVE e.l.f. and their sales. Hope you enjoy!



Well, its Wednesday so you know what that means!  Christmas is my absolute favorite time of year, so I figured it was time for some Christmas nail art videos!!

The first video is by JennisseMakeup.  It is something I have never tried, but I REALLY want to.  I believe she is using acrylic powder on her fake nail mannequin thingie.  She makes it look soooo easy but I know it is not that easy.  I’m sure eventually one day I will try it, just don’t know when.  Here is a video of her doing some candy cane nails which are super cute!  Check out her other videos too.

The next one is by MissChievous.  These are really cute.  She did little gift wrapped presents.  I tried to do this a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t turn out too great.  She also does great makeup!

This next one is something I haven’t posted in a while, water marbling.  Here is SimpleLittlePleasures showing us a poinsettia water marble.  They turn out sooooo good!  I love it!

There you have it for some super cute holiday nail art tutorials.  Next week, I’ll be posting holiday makeup looks.  I hope you enjoy and let me know what you’d like to see!

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