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Thrifty Thursday

Posted on: November 17, 2011

EVERYONE is running sales right now in preparation for Black Friday and the Christmas season (I’m sorry, I don’t say “Holiday Season”, its Christmas to me!).  I’m going to start with e.l.f.

Right now,e.l.f. is running a 50% off sale on their silver holiday box sets.  This is an AWESOME deal.  You can get eye shadow palettes, lip gloss collections, nail polish collections and a ton more.  They range from $3 to $15 and are half off.  You can’t combine it with the free shipping deal, but if you are near a Target, my friend (Michelle) just shared with me that Target has the same sets.  I don’t think they’re 50% off at Target, but you don’t have to pay the $6.95 for shipping.  So if you’re thinking of only buying one or two things, you might save a little more by looking at Target.  So make sure you do some math before you spend your money.  e.l.f. also still has the 24K collections online for pretty cheap.  You can still use the free shipping on orders over $25, so if nothing in the collections is moving you and you end up buying from the regular stuff, you can take advantage of the free shipping and save yourself the $6.95.

Right now on Stila’s website, you can get free shipping and a free mascara when you use the code forevercurl at check out.  Stila has some great palettes that are pretty inexpensive and they also have some lip gloss sets that are only $12.  So if you get one of those, for $12 you get 3 lip glosses, free shipping and a free mascara.  The offer is good on all orders, no minimum, until midnight tonight.

My sister sent me an email that gave me a new idea.  It is from a blog called The Look for Less.  She shows you how you can get the same designer looks for not as much money.  I know there are a ton of people who do that with clothes, but I haven’t seen many do it with makeup and beauty products.  I think I’m going to start hunting for this sort of thing to add to Thrifty Thursdays.  Anyway, here is one of her blog posts showing how to get a nail polish look similar to Chanel but for way less.  The Chanel nail polish costs $25 per bottle, but she found a similar color by Rimmel London for $3.99.  Thanks to my sister for planting that idea!

I try to stick mainly to makeup and nail care products, but here is a blog post showing current sales at Ride Aid for all types of skin care products.  These are pretty good deals.

Like I’ve said before, a lot the things I am able to share on Thrifty Thursdays come from emails my sister sends me.  Today, she sent me a blog talking about Perfumania.  I’ve never shopped there or even heard of it and it seems to be mostly fragrances, but here is a blog post explaining how to get some Mattese Cosmetics for super cheap.

Here is a blog post about how to get a free gift at Bath & Body Works this Saturday only.

Ulta right now is running a buy one get one 50% off sale on some of their color palettes (This is online but I’m pretty sure I saw it in the store too).  They also have a lot of their hair styling equipment on sale.  I was in there earlier this week and they had a huge clearance section in the back that had a ton of stuff.  You can also print a store coupon for 20% off any one item.  They’re giving away a free glass ice bucket with 2 wine glasses with any $30 men or women’s fragrance purchase as well.

CVS is offering $10 off $50 plus free shipping and 20% off fragrances when you order online.  They are also still running buy one get one 50% off on most of their cosmetics.  Make sure you get one of their little key chain cards because you earn points and extra bucks that add up.  I got $5 off once.

Walgreens is also offering 20% off fragrances when you order online.  They are also still offering buy one get one 50% off on most of their cosmetics.

BH Cosmetics is offering a pre-holiday sale.  Right now you can buy one palette for 30% off and get a second palette for 40% off.  That’s a great way to try out their palettes without paying full price.  They also have 40% off on build your own palettes and you can save up to 37% on November kits.  All their brushes are on sale as well.  Their prices are pretty reasonable to begin with.

Coastal Scents is offering 40% off everything and free shipping on orders over $50.  My 88 palette is from their and I LOVE it.

Sephora also still has a ton of stuff in their clearance section.

I think that’s about all I can find makeup wise.  I have said this before and will say it again, make sure you sign up for email lists and those little key chain cards for everywhere you can.  I know you probably already have a key chain full of those things, but a lot of places are really starting to get in to giving discounts when you use your card and letting you rack up points on your card to earn money off.  I also know that you probably already get a ton of emails, but unless you’re like me and check makeup sites pretty regularly, you might miss out on some great sales.  I wouldn’t have known about the Stila sale if I hadn’t gotten an email.  A lot of times e.l.f. will run a Coffee Break sale where something is only on sale for 3 hours and I would miss a lot of them if I didn’t get the emails.  Create a new email account if you don’t want it clogging up your regular email.  Trust me, its worth it.

I hope this is a little better than last week’s post.  I do have one non-makeup related deal for you today.  Here is a blog post sharing some free Red Box codes so you can get a free movie.  Make sure you use them fast because the last ones I got for Blockbuster expired before I could use them.

I hope these are helpful and I hope everyone enjoys these posts.  I’m always open to suggestions and thoughts.  And I’d love to hear about where you find good deals on makeup.  Just leave me comments and I’ll share them.  Happy shopping!


2 Responses to "Thrifty Thursday"

I like all these offers you post. – I need time to take a look at all the offers. Thanks.

They are all great deals. I also just ordered some Crown brushes and a palette from Hautelook for only $27.95. Saved myself about $50. Hautelook is awesome and they also have Betsey Johnson shoes right now!

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