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Hard Candy

Posted on: November 16, 2011

I went to Wal-Mart after work today to pick up some Hard Candy makeup. I had never tried it before but my friend, Harmony, recommended it. I got an eye shadow, a glitter mascara top coat, a glitter cream and glitter glue. I also wanted to try some liquid foundation so I got a L’Oreal True Match. That’s all in the first pic. You all know how much I LOVE glitter so when I saw all the glitter stuff that Hard Candy had, I was super excited. So far, I love everything I got today. I do wish the pigment in the eye shadow was a little better, but over all it’s good for the price. I am totally in love with the glitter mascara. It’s a top coat so I can still use my Falsies. The glitter glue is awesome and came with a little brush. You just dip the brush into the glue then into the glitter then cover the area you want.

The second and third pics are the look I came up with using some of my Hard Candy stuff. I used my new foundation, e.l.f. eye shadow primer, e.l.f. cream shadow as a base, the Hard Candy eye shadow on the lid, a dark gray in the crease and outer corner, a brownish color above the crease to blend out the harshness and a white as a brow highlight and at the tear duct. I covered the lid with NYX silver glitter and applied some black gel liner in the inner corner. I finished with my Avon eye liner, Falsies mascara and my Hard Candy glitter mascara. On my cheeks, I just have some Sally Girl Highlighter.

The last picture is just a quick picture of my new China Glaze polish that I got on clearance at Ulta.

I’m so happy with all my recent purchases. I hope you all enjoy!






2 Responses to "Hard Candy"

I *love* Hard Candy! All of their makeup is such high quality for the low price! It’s just glittery and sparkly and fun! I hope you get more of their stuff; you’ll like it all:)

I love what I’ve gotten so far! And I love your blog! I added it to Google. 🙂

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