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Album Art- No Doubt

Posted on: November 11, 2011

So I decided to go ahead and start my series of album artwork inspired looks.  My all time FAVORITE band ever is No Doubt, so I figured I’d start with them.  They haven’t put out new music recently, but I LOVE their latest look.  Their cover of Stand and Deliver is awesome.  I’ve seen them live a few times and it is amazing.  Here is the cover for the Stand and Deliver single.

I love this.  Everything they have done before has been bright colors.  When they came out with Rock Steady, they did just black and red.  Now they did black and yellow.  I love it.  Anyway. here is what I used to create this look.

I started with my Mary Kay Mineral Foundation in Halo to cover my face and eye lids.  Then I used the tape to create a sharp line on the outer part of my eye.  I used my e.l.f. eye shadow primer and all three of my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils as bases; Milk in the tear duct, Cottage Cheese on the inner 2/3 and Slate on the outer 1/3.  Then I used my new NYX eye shadow in “Chick” (yellow) on the inner 2/3 of my eye lid.  I used the sparkle black from my Five Below palette on the outer 1/3 of my lid and up into the crease.  Then to mellow out the black, I used a goldish color from the same palette over top and raised it up a little.  I used a white glittery shadow from the same palette as a brow high light and at my tear duct.  Blending is very important for this look.  I also put a little of the black and yellow along my bottom lash line.  Then I used my Avon eye liner and my Maybelline mascara after curling my eye lashes.  On my cheeks I used my new NYX blush and I used my Sally Girl Highlighter on my cheek, nose, forehead and chin.  All of these brushes are from e.l.f. except for the black one.  That came with an eye shadow set from Avon.  Here is the look:

I love how this turned out and will probably try to recreate it another time.  Hope you enjoy!


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