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Watch It Wednesday- Fall Eyes

Posted on: November 9, 2011

Before I get in to a couple fall color videos, I want to share a video that my sister sent to me.  You all know my support of finding a cure for breast cancer, so me continuing to talk about it should be no surprise.  I know it’s not BCA month any more, but awareness of all types of cancer, disorders, diseases, etc. should be year round.  Anyhoo, this video is awesome.  A group of former NFL cheerleaders got together to make this video for the Philadelphia chapter of Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  Every time someone watches this video, United Healthcare makes a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and if the video gets to 5 million views, they will donate an additional $50,000.  This video is awesome.  You may think “oh, former NFL cheerleaders, they’re all going to be picture perfect, young, skinny”, but they’re not.  These women are all ages, shapes, sizes, hair colors.  They all came together to put this video together.  Some of them are breast cancer survivors.  Anyhoo, I think I’ve done enough rambling about the video, so here it is.  Please watch it and share it so it gets as many hits as possible!  (For some reason, the video won’t show up, so here is the link,

Ok, now onto to the makeup.  I thought since we are now into November and Thanksgiving is in a couple of weeks, I’d find some fall inspired looks for you all.  I LOVE fall colors.  The first look is by MissChievous and it’s actually an older video of her’s, but I love the colors she uses and the way she blends them.

The next one is by Panacea81.  She’s kind of hard to understand sometimes because she has an accent and she talks and works really fast, but the makeup is awesome!

So there’s some fall looks for you.  Let me know what you’re trying this fall and what colors you love.  Also, don’t forget to leave a post on the new “Introduce Yourself” page and don’t forget to watch the breast cancer video and share it!  Hope you enjoy!


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