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My sister sent me an email with a “how to clean makeup brushes” video and it gave me the idea to do some how to videos for this week’s Watch It Wednesday.  I used to think I knew everything about makeup, I mean, I’ve been wearing it since about 5th grade.  But when I started really getting in to buying makeup and watching tutorials, I found a lot of stuff I didn’t know.  I also found some things that made doing and storing makeup easier.  Here’s a few how to videos to help you store and take care of your makeup.

So how many times have you fallen in love with an eye shadow or blush color and it ends up breaking?  You end up with color all over everything and have to throw the broken color away.  Well, you don’t have to throw it away, you can fix it!  Here is KandeeJohnson showing us how to fix them.

I have fallen in love with using actual makeup brushes instead of those little sponge applicators to apply my makeup.  You end up with a more controlled look and can blend better.  Some makeup brushes can be expensive.  They also hold onto dirt and oil from your face and can house bacteria.  Who wants to put bacteria around their eyes or throw away a pricey brush?  I know I don’t, that’s why I clean my brushes every time I use them.  Cleaning them and storing them properly will ensure that they last a long time and that you don’t put anything yucky on your face.  I clean mine every time I use them with e.l.f. brush cleaner spray.  You just spray about 2 pumps onto the brush and then run it around on a clean tissue.  This is good for every day use, but you do need to deep clean your brushes every once in a while (every time for foundation brushes) just to get everything out.  This video is a little long, but here is Michelle Phan showing us how to clean, disinfect and properly store our brushes with average household items.

The days of pencil thin, overly waxed eye brows are over.  Full, clean, perfectly arched eye brows are in.  My eye brows are super light and have stopped growing where they need to grow, so I am constantly looking for videos to show me what to do with my brows.  Badly done brows can ruin an entire look and no one wants to see big bushy eye brows.  Here is MissChievous showing us how she does her lovely brows.

This last video is just kind of for giggles.  MakeupGeekTV did this a while ago and I think it is hilarious.  I hope you enjoy it!

So there you go.  I hope you enjoyed this week’s Watch It Wednesday.  I hope these videos were helpful and please let me know if you have any requests for things you’d like to see.  My lunch break is over so I need to get back to work now!  🙂


So, xsparkage allows for people to send her guest looks.  I sent her the purple glittery look a few weeks ago and never heard anything back.  Since I’ve created some new looks since then, I want to try again.  I don’t want to over load her inbox with all my looks, so I created a poll for you all to help me decide which one to send to her.  Go back through my blog post to find the options: Football Sunday, Album Art- Patent Pending or Album Art- No Doubt.  Then vote for which one you think I should try.  You can vote as much as you want.  Thanks for the help!

No, this is not some weird way to pick up a date online.  Cyber Monday is much like Black Friday these days.  Lots of online stores are offering sales and discounts.  So I thought I’d help you out and find some good ones for you.

As always, I’ll start with e.l.f.  They are offering 50% off sitewide.  I ordered some stuff on their Black Friday sale and I wish I had waited, because this is a better deal.  You have to have a minimum order of $25 and you don’t get free shipping, but if you spend only the $25 minimum like I try to do, it ends up being a couple of dollars less than the Black Friday sale.  Make sure you check it out.  When they do sales like this, I stock up on brushes.

Stila is also offering some great sales.  They have some great deals on palettes and sets.  Great time to get some Christmas gifts or stock up on stuff for yourself!

BH Cosmetics is offering 50% off.  This is a GREAT deal.  Their palettes are so inexpensive to begin with, then they put them on sale.  This is a great way to get an 88 palette or even a 120 palette.  You can also create your own palette, which is fun.

Coastal Scents is still offering 50% off through the 29th.  This is where I got my 88 palette and I absolutely LOVE it.

Ulta is offering sales and a free gift with any $35 purchase.  By now, you all should know about my love affair with Ulta.  I’ve never ordered from them online though.  They are also offering some coupon codes for $10 off $60 and $20 off $100.

Smashbox is having a Friends and Family sale.  You get 20% right now.

Crown Brush is offering sales right now.  There are some great deals on palettes and brushes in the Holiday Shoppe.

I think that gives you a good start.  Let me know if you know of any other online stores giving good deals on makeup today.  I hope I still have something to post on Thrifty Thursday.  Haha.  Thank you all for subscribing and happy shopping!



This look is very similar to the Pop of Red look that I posted the other day. For Thanksgiving, I wanted to go for something that had a few more fall type colors. I used my L’Oreal liquid foundation, e.l.f. eye shadow primer, a nude color on the lids, red in the crease, orange blended in the crease and up, a light pink as a brow high light and to blend out the orange, and white in the tear duct. All of the colors are from my e.l.f. palette. I finished with my Avon eye liner, Falsies mascara and Sally Girl cheek Highlighter. I think it turned out nice and went well with my favorite red sweater. I apologize that the pictures were taken in my car. We were in a rush to get to my family gathering so I had to take them while I was waiting for my manfriend to get our cakes from his store. I hope everyone had a happy and yummy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy this look!





I hope you all haven’t given up on me! I was on vacation from work this week and have been trying to take advantage of the time off. I was helping my dad deliver turkeys and food to people who couldn’t afford it on Wednesday so I didn’t get a Watch it Wednesday up and of course yesterday was Thanksgiving. We were running around like crazy. I have a look that I will put up over the weekend and I promise I’ll get back on track next week! In the meantime, check out e.l.f. and Stila’s Black Friday sales. Be sure to order before midnight! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and don’t give up on me!

For my second look in the album art series, I went with Patent Pending.  They are my second favorite band ever and they have an awesome message.  Their album art is always fun and colorful.  The album I chose is one of their more recent albums called “I’m Not Alone”.  This album is AMAZING.  They have a very powerful message and want everyone to hear it.  At all their shows, they talk about making sure you stay yourself and stay true to you and don’t let the world bring you down.  They wrote a very powerful song called “One Less Heart to Break” after losing one of their friends to suicide.  The song is a reminder to everyone that we are not alone and there is always someone there to help you through whatever you have going on.  Here is the album.

Obviously, pink is my favorite color ever.  From this album, I took the pink from her hair, blue from the accents and green from her eyes.  I used my L’Oreal foundation, Stila Prime Pot eye shadow primer, pink (lid), dark blue (crease) and green (blended in crease and up) and white (brow highlight and tear ducts) from my Coastal Scents 88 palette, Avon eye liner, Falsies mascara and Sally Girl cheek highlighter.  Once I was done with everything, I took some little green stars and put 3 on the outter triangle of each eye and little blue circles in the inner corner.  I think this look turned out great.  I didn’t go with any glitter or glitter mascara because I did the stars and circles.  Side note, I have their rocket ship tattooed on my chest.  🙂  I hope you enjoy this look and I hope you’re enjoying this series!  Let me know what you think!

In our house on football Sunday we have to watch 2 different games. I’m a Dallas fan and my boo is a Washington fan. But today, we can watch the same game. It’s Cowboys vs. Redskins day. So here is my look to go with my pink Romo jersey. I used my L’Oreal liquid foundation, e.l.f. eye shadow primer, my e.l.f. eye shadow quad (blue on the lid, purple in the crease blended out with pink and white in the tear duct and as a highlight) then I covered the lid with pink Sally Girl glitter. I also used Avon eye liner, Falsies mascara and Sally Girl Highlighter on the cheeks. Hope you enjoy!





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