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Storage and Friends

Posted on: October 14, 2011

I know I just did my Thrifty Thursday post, but I have some other things I want to share with you guys. 

The first is my updated makeup storage.  I’ve already shown you all my new brush storage method so I won’t show that again, but I got a little 3 drawer plastic storage container from Target for $10 for my eye shadows and I LOVE it.

Here it is:

The top drawer is liquid liners, glitter liners, some cream eye shadow sticks, some loose glitters, Mary Kay mineral foundation and e.l.f. mineral concealer.  (The thin black thing to the left in the pic above is my Coastal Scents 88 palette and the black square to the right is my mini makeup collection from e.l.f.)  Here is the top drawer:

The middle drawer is all my loose pigments.  They are mostly mineral eye shadow pigments from e.lf.  There’s a couple random Urban Decay eye shadows and some Sally Girl shadows.  There’s some e.l.f. cream shadows and a Stila Prime Pot in there also.  Probably a few other random ones.  This is in 2 layers so there’s a ton in there.  Here is the middle drawer:


The bottom drawer is all my drug store eye shadows, pressed eye shadows and eye shadows that come in flat containers versus pots.  There’s Covergirl, Avon, Revlon, Maybelline and a ton more in there.  There’s also some random blush/bronzer and highlighter.  Here is the bottom drawer:

The last thing I have is this little basket thing I got from Thirty One.  It has all my eye liner pencils, lip glosses, mascaras and my e.l.f. primer.  Here is the basket:

The last storage idea I’m going to share before moving on to some cute nails is actually one of my friend’s.  Melissa took simple ball martini glasses and uses them to store her mascaras, liners and brushes.  So cute!  Thanks for sharing, Melissa!

Now on to nails.  One of my previous Watch it Wednesday posts was a video about how to get a marbled effect on your nails.  Harmony sent me these super cute pics of some that she tried!  I haven’t had time to try this yet so I’m glad Harmony tried it and sent me pics!  Here are her 2 looks:

Super cute!  Thanks for sending them to me Harmony!

So that’s it for this random post.  If you’ve tried any of the things I’ve blogged about, feel free to let me know and send me pictures!  I’ll post them.  Hope you enjoy!


4 Responses to "Storage and Friends"

Harmony’s nails look awesome!! You gotta hurry up and try that because I really wanna know how its done. (pretty please)

I love my little 3-tier drawer! I have had the same one but in white for YEARS! But I just use it for all my hair stuff, bobby pins, hair ties, head bands…..etc. Very very handy. And last forever!

[…] hope these ideas are helpful.  I also posted a “Storage and Friends” post a while ago with how I store my makeup.  My collection has grown a bit since then. […]

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