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Free Friday

Posted on: October 14, 2011

We’re going to try this again because I STILL have an unused, unopened Maybelline Falsies Mascara to give away!  As you all know, this is my favorite mascara.  It seriously makes your lashes look big and full.  Same rules as last time!


1) You must be subscribed to my blog via email.  You can do so by putting in your email address and clicking “follow” over on the right.

2) You must get other people to subscribe via email.  Tell your friends, family, neighbors, frenemies, hair dresser, check out girl at Martin’s, anyone and everyone!

3) Each person you refer MUST leave a comment on this post with your name.  Only comments on this post will be counted.  Comments on other posts, the main page, my Facebook or anywhere other than this post will be disregarded and probably deleted.

4) I will keep track of everyone playing and how many comments they have until October 21, 2011 at 6:00pm.  At that time, I will add up all the comments and the person with the most is the winner!  They will be notified via email that day.

Example: I follow via email then tell my sister to subscribe.  My sister then comes to the page, enters her email address and clicks follow, then comes to this post and leaves a comment with my name.  It doesn’t have to stop there.  My sister can tell her friends and they can come and subscribe and leave comments with her name.  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone.  (Everyone who plays and leaves comments MUST subscribe via email).

If you live in the Richmond area, I will deliver your mascara to you if you win.  If you don’t live in the Richmond area, I will ship it to you if you win.  So everyone can play!

So let the games begin!  Good luck!  🙂


7 Responses to "Free Friday"

I follow by email
vmkids3 at msn dot com

The contest is to get other people to subscribe. So every time you tell a friend to subscribe, make sure they leave a comment with your name. Those are the comments that will be counted. Good luck!

subscribed via email
iloveher6923 at yahoo dot com

please reread the rules in the Free Friday post. This is not the proper way to win

Referred by Lanicsha Wynn
Subscribed to you by email
clfwkl6 at yahoo dot com

This is a proper play! Lanicsha is in the lead so far!

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