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Thrifty Thursday

Posted on: October 6, 2011

My sister REALLY helps me with Thrifty Thursdays!  She is subscribed to all kinds of blogs and is always forwarding them to me.  This week, she sent me a free Bare Escentuals lip gloss coupon.  Here’s the blog post.  Its a deluxe sample, which means its not the full size, but its bigger than a normal size sample.  Go get you one!  I am!

I just got an email from e.l.f. that they are donating 100% of the proceeds of 2 of their lip glosses to breast cancer research.  I know that’s not a discounted type thing, but you can help make a difference just by buying cute lip gloss (only $3 each!)!!  AND they are donating a whole 100%!  That means they won’t even be making a profit on those 2 lip glosses this month.  My granny overcame breast cancer so things like this have a special place in my heart.  e.l.f is also offering shipping for $1.98 on all orders over $15 until Oct. 9.

A great way to be in the know and to get great deals and discounts is to sign up for different website’s email lists.  I know, I know, I know.  You don’t want your inbox cluttered up with all kinds of emails.  But seriously, if you only subscribe to the ones you know you’ll like, you can get some great deals.  You may even consider opening another email address just for that.  I got a free makeup palette from e.l.f. for my birthday just for spending $10.  I could spare the $10 for a free palette and $10 at e.l.f. is like $30 anywhere else.

Right now on, Jessica Simpson hair extensions are on sale.  Twist & Pout is coming up.  Make sure you click my link to sign up and then start getting your friends to sign up!  You get credit every time someone you refer makes a purchase!  They always have at least one beauty related deal each day.  They also have tons of other stuff. has a face lift product on sale right now.  They usually have one or two beauty related products on sale as well.

CVS and Walgreens have a ton of makeup from Covergirl, Maybelline, Rimmel and more for buy 1 get one 50% off.  These types of sales are great for mixing and matching.

And now I’ve come to what I’ve been DYING to share.  A friend of mine recently told me that Ulta isn’t just a salon, but a makeup store as well.  I always thought it was just a salon.  I decided to check it out over the weekend and was in heaven.  No lie.  My manfriend and I spent about 30 minutes walking around.  He hated it, but of course I LOVED it.  This is my new go-to store.  For us Richmonders, the store is located in Short Pump by Trader Joe’s.  It is a makeup addicts oasis.  The prices are great.  I spent about $28 and got a ton of makeup by NYX.  NYX makeup is pretty inexpensive when you buy it online, its the shipping that kills unless you spend $50 to get free shipping.  I don’t know about you, but I don’t always have an extra $50 to drop on makeup.  The NYX things were about .99 more in Ulta, but you don’t have to pay for shipping or spend $50 to get free shipping.  They have everything you could possibly need to do great makeup and have all the brands you can think of.  NYX, Stila, Urban Decay, Covergirl… to name a few.  If you’re in the area, I would check it out.  You also get a reward card and you get certain freebies for different amounts of points you earn.  I got over 100 points for my purchase.  They also have things on sale.  When I was there, they had a whole display of nail polish on clearance. 

I think that about does it for this week’s Thrifty Thursday.  Hope these help!  Remember to check websites often as deals change and sign up for their mailing list to get freebies and discounts!   Happy shopping!


PS- Don’t forget to check out my Free Friday post for the rules on winning the free mascara!


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