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So I went to Ulta and Five Below over the weekend and got a few palettes. I got a NYX neutral palette, a loose pigment and some new eye lashes from Ulta. Then there’s Five Below. They have so many cute palettes! I got 3 and a crackle polish. So far, I love them all! The NYX one is my favorite so far. The other pictures are of a look I did today. It is using a flesh shimmer color from the NYX palette and a red from my e.l.f. palette. Everything else is what I normally use. Hope you enjoy!






So I just signed up for this site that’s kind of neat and I figured I’d post it as a follow up to Thrifty Thursday.  It’s a virtual swap meet.  If you have things to get rid of that you don’t need money for, you can post them on here in auctions.  Other people bid, then you send them the items.  You can also bid on other people’s items and they will send them to you.  From what I have gathered, it ends up being free because you get credits for referring people and for posting auctions.  Every time you post an auction and send something out, you get credits that you can spend on other people’s auctions.  Its called Listia.  You should check it out and sign up!

Click my Listia link here so I can earn some credits.  Good luck!

Hello makeup lovers!  I hope you all are enjoying my Thrifty Thursdays and I hope I’m helping you save money on makeup.  If you’re addicted like me, saving money is a MUST.  I cannot pay full price for makeup and if I do, I must get samples or something else free.  Haha.  Anyhoo, here’s what I have for you for today.

e.l.f. is ALWAYS having sales and I know I post about them all the time, but their makeup really is great and affordable to begin with.  Right now, they are offering 40% off their Studio line.  The Studio makeup is a little more expensive than the rest of their products, but it’s still affordable and well worth it.  Just type in “STUDIO” in the coupon box at check out, after you fill up your cart with Studio makeup.  I got the Endless Eyes Pro Palette last time I ordered and I LOVE it.  They also have a Living Social deal going right now for one more day.  You pay $15 and get $30 worth of Studio or Mineral makeup.  I did this last time they offered it and got a ton of stuff that I am in LOVE with.  You can’t use both of these deals together, but they’re both awesome deals on their own!  They are also still running free shipping on orders over $25 but again, you can’t use it with other deals.  This gives you three options to try their makeup!

Here is a blog post explaining how you can get two Covergirl products for FREE.  Free is always the best.  I absolutely love Covergirl.  I’ve been using their products for years; since I was in middle school.  The pigmentation in their eye shadows is awesome and their foundations work well for me.

Here is another blog post explaining how you can get a FREE NYC nail polish.  I love these bloggers that really find the deals and then share them with us.  I hope me sharing them with you is helpful!

Here is a blog post explaining how to get a $5 off online ordering from Target.  It then explains how you can use that for e.l.f. makeup.

That 20% off at Ulta coupon is still good through the 29th, so here it is again.  It’s no surprise to you all how much I LOVE Ulta right now.

Right now on Hautelook, they have a couple different beauty related deals.  Pur Minerals is on there.  I’ve never heard of them or tried them, but they’re pretty expensive so the deals on Hautelook are great.

BH Cosmetics is offering 36% (what a random number) off all palettes.  I think I’m going to go ahead and get one when I get paid tomorrow.  I want a 120 palette real bad.

Coastal Scents is offering a couple different things on sale.  They have some new “travel ready” palettes that look kind of cool and are only $8.95 each.  They are also still offering FREE shipping on orders over $50.

Sephora has a TON of stuff on clearance right now.  There are several pages of sets as well as individual items.

A great way to get makeup for cheap is around the holiday season, which is coming up!  A lot of places start putting together holiday gift sets.  You can get a set of lip glosses or eye shadows or something for cheaper than what it would be to buy them all separate.  Keep your eyes open for this sort of thing while you’re shopping.  You can always treat yourself to a holiday gift!

Also, remember to check out drug stores and Halloween stores this weekend and next week.  They will be putting their left over Halloween makeup on sale.  CVS and Walgreens both have makeup that is advertised as “Halloween” but it can be used any time; such as eye liners and lip sticks.  You can also find lashes on sale around this time of year.

Lastly, here is another blog post filled with FREE Blockbuster box movie rentals.  I know, I know; this doesn’t have anything to do with makeup.  You can save money everywhere and I want to share it!

I hope this helps.  Let me know if you try any of these deals.  Happy shopping makeup lovers!

Since this is the last Wednesday before Halloween, I wanted to share my favorite Halloween looks from Youtube.  I’ve been saving these up to share.  They are all super cute and not too hard to do!  Let me know if you try any of these.  Hope you enjoy!

Lets start with makeup looks first.

If you’re like me, Hocus Pocus was one of your favorite movies when you were a kid.  This girl shows us how to create a look that is spot on for Winifred.  Here it is by goldiestarling:

This next one is probably my favorite out of all the ones I’ve posted.  I think I’m going to try this for the little trick or treaters on Halloween if I have time when I get off work.  I think I’m going to try it with red though.  It’s by MissChievous.

I absolutely LOVE makeup that’s inspired by Tinkerbell or fairies.  I love the colors and glitter and sometimes you can make it a little wearable.  So here is another one by MissCievous.

Now for a few nail looks.  The first one is so much fun.  I kind of tried a similar idea with spider webs in my previous post and I am sooooo happy with the outcome.  The next one is a candy corn inspired look.  This would go great with the candy corn eye shadow that I posted before.  I grouped these together because they are both by CutePolish.  If you don’t have any striping nail polishes, you can pick them up at Dollar Tree.  They have a ton of colors and of course, they’re only $1.  You can also check at beauty supply places for the tools that are used.  Anyway, here they are.

The last video for today is super cute.  It is more fall inspired than Halloween and I LOVE it.  If you don’t really celebrate Halloween, this one would be good for you.  It’s just a simple pumpkin and some vines.  It’s by IHaveACupcake.

So there you go, my last Watch It Wednesday for Halloween.  I hope you enjoy these and please let me know if you try any!  Happy Fall!


I know I already did a post today but I just did my nails and I’m so excited about them, I wanted to share. I used a shear pink base coat, then I did a white tip, then an orange diagonal, then did a black spider web and finished with a clear top coat. I did this all free hand (which I’m super proud of) but you could use tape to help with the edges. I used a black striper to create the spider webs. It helps to hold the brush still and just rotate your finger. Hope you enjoy!


I know I said I would get these up last night, but I wasn’t really feeling well. Anyway, the first look is a look I tried for BCA month and the second look is my attempt at candy corn eyes. For both looks I used my Mary Kay mineral foundation, elf eye shadow primer, colors from my 88 palette and my new elf palette, black eye liner, Maybelline Falsies mascara, elf blush and bronzer and Sally Girl high lighter. The eye lashes in the first look are from elf. I used neutral colors on the lips with elf twinkle pink glitter gloss over. Hope you enjoy!







I am so sorry to have kept you all waiting over the weekend.  I ended up with a busier weekend than I anticipated and just did not have time to get to my laptop.  Thank you so much to all my subscribers, new and old.  I appreciate your support.

Ok, I think I have created enough suspense.  The winner is…. Lanicsha Wynn!  She got one other person to subscribe and leave a comment.  Thank you so much to everyone who played!  And don’t give up on me because you didn’t win.  The more people I have subscribed, the more I will be able to give stuff away!  I hope you all are enjoying what I’m doing.  I will be contacting the winner via email to let her know.

Keep your eyes open for another post tonight of some makeup looks I tried over the weekend!  Thanks again!

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