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Step by Step Nails

Posted on: September 13, 2011

Ok, this is what I was trying to do last night.  Now the website works and I can post it tonight.  Sorry for doing 2 posts in the same day, but I wanted to make sure I got these up!

This step by step view of how I did my nails is using the Orly white tip stickers that I talked about in my first post.  They look like this:

First, I just put a strip on the tip of each finger.  You want to position it so it’s lined up with where your natural nail tip starts.  Like this:

Then, I painted the tips with a hot pink from Funky Fingers.  Like this:

Once the pink was dry, I painted a black line diagonally in one direction. 

Then, I did another line diagonally in the other direction.

Once the black dried, I painted 3 stripes of silver in between the black stripes.  Sorry this pic is kind of blurry.  😦

It’s very important that you wait until everything has dried before you peel off the stickers.  If you don’t, you’ll peel off the nail polish and mess it up.  Once everything was dry, I painted a clear top coat over.  You want to wait a while for this.  And I mean like 30 minutes or so.  The black will bleed into the clear and pink if you don’t let it dry long enough.  Here’s the finished design:

Once everything was dry, I took a cotton swab and dipped it in remover to clean up the edges and get nail polish off my skin.  So, I hope you like this!  Let me know your thoughts and ideas!


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