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2 Nail Looks

Posted on: September 10, 2011

So for my first real post, I’m going to put up 2 looks for nails I have done.  Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they’re from my iPod.

Blue w/ Black Crackle

So my favorite nail polish so far is from Five Below.  If you don’t know what a Five Below is, its a store where everything is $5 or less.  They have all kinds of stuff from toys, to board games, to clothes, to makeup and way more.  One of the things I love the most is their assortment of bright and colorful things.  The brand of nail polish from there that I love is Funky Fingers.  They have all different kinds of bright and awesome colors.  The one I used here is a bright and springy blue.  I did a tip of blue on each nail.  This is just one coat, so that’s how well it covers.  Over top of the blue, I used their black crackle, which is amazing.  It dries in less than a minute and ends up looking like this.  You cover the area with it and as it dries, it separates or crackles.  Once that dried, I did a thin stripe of black underneath.  I also love, love, love LA Colors’ Art Deco nail polishes.  They have pencil thin brushes so you can make designs.  That’s how I got the line underneath.  Now please don’t think I did the tip free hand.  I’m not that talented.  Sally Beauty sells French manicure little stickers.  They are thin, crescent-shaped little strips that you stick on your nail, then paint the open area and when you peel it off, it leaves the line.  Kind of like painter’s tape for your nails.  They are around $6, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money, I’ve also used scotch tape.  If you don’t mind that it’s not curved, scotch tape works fine.  Once everything dried, I just painted a clear top coat over.

White w/ Black Crackle and Pink Stripe

The second design I’m showing you kind of looks like a cow.  I used the French manicure strips I mentioned above to create the white tip, then I painted over the white with the same black crackle.  Once everything dried, I peeled off the strip and used a hot pink from Art Deco to get the thin line.  Once all that was dry, I painted over it with a clear top coat.

So there are my first 2 looks to show you.  I have a few more and will continue to takes pics of my nails when I do them.  I hope everyone likes them!


4 Responses to "2 Nail Looks"

Super Cute Sarah…thanks for the tip about 5 Below! I love that store too!! I have thought about buying nail polish from there but haven’t because I wasn’t sure of the quality. I hate spending money on things that don’t work or don’t work well. I might as well flush money down the toilet 😦 But since you recommend it I will definitely have to check it out. Keep the pictures coming!! I love the cute nail ideas 🙂

I LOVE their Funky Fingers nail polish! I have a ton of them which I will be posting pics of soon. I’m the same way about buying make up and nail stuff, I want to know its good before I buy it so I don’t waste money. lol Good luck! And follow my blog!

You dont have to ask me twice! I’ll follow this blog…so many cute and fresh ideas! ❤ ❤ ❤ it

I’m going to do a funky blue with silver crackle…I’ll let you know how it turns out! … and i’m following you! YAY! hehehe

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