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So when I started my blog, I wanted to be able to get it to the point where I can give something away for free every once in a while.  When I am at that point, it will happen on Fridays, so here’s my first FREE FRIDAY!!  In honor of my birthday today, I thought I’d share the presents with my subscribers!  I’m going to be giving away a FREE Maybelline Falsies Mascara.  As you all know, its my favorite mascara ever and I want you to be able to try to it!

Here’s the rules for how you can win your unopened, unused mascara:

1)  You MUST be a subscriber via email to my blog.  You can do so on the main page, where it says “Follow Me”.  Just put in your email address, then check your email for the confirmation link.

2) The person who gets the most people to subscribe to my blog via email will win this mascara.  So once you’ve subscribed, start spreading the word and get your friends to subscribe. 

3) The people you refer MUST leave a comment on this post with your name so that I know who referred them.  Comments on other posts, the main page, my Facebook, etc. will not be counted.  They must be on this post.

I will keep track of the comments and who has the most, but you’ll all be able to see too.  A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!  On Friday, October 7 at 6:00pm, I will tally up the referrals and announce the winner.  That gives you a whole week to get people subscribing to me!   

The best birthday present ever would be if I could get over 100 subscribers.  I hope you all can pull through for me!

Let the games begin!  Good luck!


I wanted to share my nails. I used a silver base coat, then did a black tip and finished with a white stripe underneath. Hope you enjoy!

For today’s Thrifty Thursday, I want to talk about discount websites.  I have recently had my eyes opened to two different sites. 

The first site is HauteLook.  You have to sign up to see the deals, but its sooo worth it.  They have daily sales.  Most of the sales are only available for a day or two and they sell out fast, so you have to watch it and check your email often.  They had NYX Cosmetics on there the other day for super cheap and they always have some sort of makeup brand.  It’s not just makeup, its everything from clothes, to shoes, to hotel rooms; all cheap!  Plus, if you get people to sign up based on your referral and they buy stuff, you get credit on your account!  So click my link and sign up!

A similar site is No More Rack.  They offer daily deals and you can also earn credit for referring friends.  They have everything including makeup as well.

Those are the two daily deals sites I have subscribed to.  They send you emails letting you know what the new deals are and how long they last so you’re always in the know.

Amazon still has makeup on sale for pretty cheap.  Some of the palettes you can find cheaper, but they’re still good prices.

e.l.f.’s current sale is a makeup clutch for $2 when you spend $20.  The clutch is normally $30.  They are also still running free shipping on orders over $25.  You can get so much stuff for $20 or $25 with them because everything is super inexpensive.  We’re talking $1 to $5 (except on some of the palettes).

If you like Avon, check out the Outlet tab here.  This is the mom of a friend of my sister’s.  If you don’t have an Avon lady, make her yours!  There’s great discounts on here on mascara, lip gloss, nail polish and a ton more!  Avon made one of my all time favorite neutral eye palettes that I will show you a look for later.  Anyhoo, she also offers free shipping for orders over $30.

BH Cosmetics has everything on sale right now.  You can get their palettes for super cheap.  Their brushes are also super cheap and I’ve heard they work great!  I think I will be placing an order when I get paid.

Check out this blog post for a free (after mail in rebate) Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm.

I think that’s about it for today’s Thrifty Thursday!  Let me know if you take advantage of any of these sales!  Hope you enjoy!


No, I didn’t spell “pleasues” wrong, that’s the way it’s spelled on YouTube.  Anyway, today’s Watch It Wednesday is something that has fascinated me, but I haven’t tried yet.  Its called water marbling (for nails).  You basically get a cup of water, load it up with nail polish then create designs and stick your nail in.  It looks really cool.  I haven’t had the time to try it but I really want to.  I’ve watched a ton of this girl’s videos and they all turn out awesome.  You can check out her YouTube channel  (you probably have to create an account) for a ton of marbling videos.  She also has a blog with a bunch of stuff too!  This one is pink, black and white: my favorite colors!!  As always, let me know if you’ve tried this and hope you enjoy!

So far, my favorite mascara is Maybelline’s Falsies in black. It makes my eye lashes look awesome. I used to use Maybelline’s Great Lash but I switched. I wanted to show you why I switched. The first picture is me with no mascara ( and no makeup) on. The other two pictures are with one on each eye. From your view, the left eye (side without nose ring) is Falsies and the right (with nose ring) is Great Lash. As you can see, Falsies makes the lashes darker and fuller. Both are great products, I just prefer the fuller look. The brush on the Falsies mascara is bigger and curved while the Great Lash is kind of small and straight. As always, let me know what you’ve tried and liked. Hope you enjoy!

P.S.- i’m sorry for my no makeup face!




I tried my new Sally Girl glitter today and I LOVE it. Below is a picture of just the eyes, then a picture of the whole look. I used:
Mary Kay mineral foundation in ivory 1.
Elf mineral eye shadow primer.
Cream eye shadow base.
Sally Girl Baked eye shadow in silver on the lid.
Sally Girl baked eye shadow in green in the crease.
LA colors light grey under the brow and the tear duct.
Then I used eye lash glue on the lid and covered it with the Sally Girl glitter.
Avon black eye liner.
Maybelline falsies mascara in black.
Cheeks LA colors blush and bronzer.
Sally Girl high lighter on cheek bones, nose, chin and forehead.
Finished with a glittery lip gloss.

I loved this look. Hope you enjoy!



This is a look I tried a while ago. It is a shimmery pale pink with a thin black stripe underneath. Finished with a clear top coat. The pink is Funky Fingers from Five Below. The black is Art Deco by LA Colors. I loved this look. I do the diagonal free hand but scotch tape helps. Hope you enjoy!

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